Locate Problems Early with Our Leak Detection Service

allen-plumbingYour pipes could be leaking without you realizing it. If the leak expands, you could suffer thousands of dollars in water damage, especially if it happens while you’re away.

With our leak detection service, experts come in and locate leaks before they can cause property damage, keeping your home safe.

About Water Leaks

Many homeowners assume that if they’re suffering water leaks, they’ll see evidence of the problem around the house.

In truth, many leaks remain hidden behind walls, within concrete or asphalt, and in landscaping.

Our leak detection service checks all of these areas and more, ensuring every inch of your plumbing has been inspected for signs of damage.

When checking for residential water leaks, we work hard to ensure that your home remains undamaged.

While some water leak companies can cause destruction while searching for issues, Allen Plumbing Company takes care to only remove surfaces that require it and professionally patch those areas once the repairs are complete.

Symptoms of a Leak

To be as safe as possible, homeowners should schedule leak detection service at least once. This will give you an overview of the plumbing in your own home.

But even if you don’t have that service performed, there are a few telltale signs of a water leak in a home:

  • Utility Bills—One sure sign of a leak is on a resident’s water bill. If the monthly amount due increases dramatically, it could be a sign of excess water going through the pipes. If you’re interested in being vigilant, you can watch the monthly meter reading printouts on your monthly bill for any changes.
  • Odors—Unidentified odors in a home are never a good sign. If the scent could be mold or mildew, you may have a water leak somewhere in your home.
  • Change in floor texture—As you walk around your home, notice any sudden changes in the feel of the floor beneath your feet. If an area suddenly becomes soft or spongy, have that area checked for a water leak.

Water leak detection services are a great way to pinpoint problems within your system. Whether you have a reason to believe there might be a leak or you’d simply like reassurance that your plumbing is leak-free, having leak detection service performed can make a big difference. Contact us today for leak detection service – we’ll find any problems and fix them so your pipes will stay leak-free for many years.

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