plumbing problemsFor Indianapolis-area homes with basements, sump pumps are essential to removing water that accumulates on a regular basis. While not all homes with basements need them, in areas that are prone to flooding they can be essential. They can be installed in basements and crawlspaces to remove water on an as-needed basis, only kicking on once water reaches a pre-determined level.

If you own a newer home with a basement, a sump pump may already be installed. In older homes without one, a sump pump can be installed. Allen Plumbing can install a sump pump and ensure it works with a home’s existing electrical system. Once in place, occasional maintenance and repair may be needed in order to ensure the sump pump works when it is needed. We provide maintenance and repair of all sump pump systems.

Sump Pump Maintenance and Repair

Regular sump pump maintenance can keep it lasting a long time. As part of sump pump maintenance, we can clean the pit and test the pump to make sure all parts are in working order. Our technicians are qualified to also check the electrical system and make sure the pump is getting the current it needs to operate properly.

A sump pump will usually alert homeowners that it isn’t working properly through an alarm. When sump pump repair is needed, we can send a qualified sump pump plumbing and repair expert to troubleshoot any problems and fix them. In some cases, replacement may be necessary, at which point we will recommend the perfect system for a home.

Sump Pump Installation

When a new sump pump is needed to keep a crawlspace or basement dry, we have a team of sump pump plumbing experts who can handle it. We have the expertise necessary to fit a home with the perfect sump pump for its existing setup. The right sump pump can give you years of reliable use, protecting basements, crawlspaces, and belongings from costly water damage. While replacing a home’s sump pump, we also take a look at the check valve, which can leak of it malfunctions.

A home’s sump pump is an essential part of keeping it safe and dry. When you need sump pump installation, maintenance, or repair, Allen Plumbing can send a friendly, qualified technician to help. We specialize in energy-efficient, high-quality solutions to save money and provide years of reliable service.

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