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commercial plumbing problemsA commercial water heater is an important, yet often unseen, part of a business’s operations. Businesses are required to provide hot water as part of meeting local health code regulations. Hot water is especially important in bathrooms and kitchen areas, where employee and customer health can be at risk if access to hand-washing stations isn’t provided.

Allen Plumbing offers several commercial water heater and industrial water heater options to Indianapolis-area businesses, installing, maintaining, and repairing water heaters for some of the top companies in the area. We work with your business to find the best option available to meet your needs. Here are a few types of commercial water heater options for Indianapolis businesses.

Tankless Water Heaters

Ideal for buildings with limited space, a commercial tankless water heater is a small box mounted on a wall. In addition to its small form factor, a commercial tankless water heater provides instantly-hot water throughout the area in which it’s installed. Instead of waiting for water to heat up to wash their hands, a business’s employees and customers will have instant hot water as soon as they turn the faucet on.

Gas Water Heaters

There are several benefits of commercial gas water heaters, including the ability to recover more quickly once all hot water has been spent. This is an issue in businesses like restaurants, where hot water is needed throughout the day for washing dishes. Additionally, a gas water heater also will continue to work in the event of a power outage. For businesses that use a substantial amount of hot water throughout the day, a commercial gas water heater is usually the best option.

Electric Water Heaters

Allen Plumbing has found that many Indianapolis-area businesses choose a commercial electric water heater. While a gas water heater may be cheaper on a monthly basis, for the small amount of hot water many businesses use, the cost may not make up for the added expense of installation. Installing a commercial electric water heater is cheaper than a gas one due to the cost to extend gas service to the area where the water tank is located.

If your business is in need of installation or repair on a commercial water heater or industrial water heater, Allen Plumbing can help. We’re a preferred installer in the Indianapolis area, offering affordable prices and friendly, expert service to businesses of all types. We can work with you to determine the best commercial water heater to meet your unique needs.

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