Indianapolis-area businesses rely on toilets and urinals to function whenever customers need them. Even one malfunctioning toilet can become an inconvenience to a company, especially if it happens on a busy day. When commercial toilets leak, overflow, or clog, a business needs help as quickly as possible from a qualified commercial toilet repair specialist.

commercial plumbing problemsAllen Plumbing provides affordable service for your business, tackling the most complicated job with ease. Commercial toilets and urinals often endure numerous uses over the course of each day, leading components to wear out much more quickly than a residential toilet. With regular maintenance and reliable commercial toilet repair, you can make sure your bathrooms are fully functional throughout the busiest days of the year.

Commercial Toilet Repair

A clogged toilet can cause a serious mess for a business restrooms, causing unpleasant odors. While some clogs can be removed using a plunger, serious obstructions may require expert intervention.

For those situations, an experienced professional specializing in commercial toilets can quickly clear the clog and repair the underlying problem to prevent it from happening again. This solution keeps customers from repeat “out of order” signs that can alienate your customers.

Commercial Toilet Maintenance

To prevent such problems from happening in the first place, request regular maintenance service on your commercial toilets. One of our qualified commercial toilet repair specialists visits your location as requested and checks all commercial toilets and urinals for damage or wear. Mineral and mildew build-up can cause damage to a toilet and components can begin to leak.

We check your commercial toilets for such damages and recommend replacements when necessary to prevent a malfunction.

Commercial Toilet Installation

In addition to repair and maintenance, we also install commercial toilets and urinals in new businesses, as well as replacing existing toilets and urinals in businesses. Our technicians will recommend the best commercial toilet to meet your particular needs, both considering functionality and affordability in our recommendations.

Indianapolis businesses rely on Allen Plumbing for proper care of commercial toilets, including repair, maintenance, and replacement. With fast, friendly, reliable service and an unmatched expertise, Allen Plumbing is your best resource for keeping your business’s bathrooms in good condition.

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