Grease Traps

Commercial Grease Trap Installation for Indianapolis Businesses

drain-problemsGrease is not friendly to sewers, causing blockages and backups if left unchecked. For commercial businesses like restaurants, grease can be especially damaging because of the sheer volume of grease generated on a daily basis.

To stop grease before it can cause damage, grease traps are installed in residential and commercial establishments.

With a commercial grease trap in place, a food-based business can continue daily operations without worrying about a sewer backup. However, there are a few things you should know about grease trap installation, cleaning, and maintenance.

New Grease Traps

Whether you are building a new location or adding a grease trap to existing plumbing, Allen Plumbing Company can help.

Our commercial grease trap installation services are handled by professionals who have years of experience in commercial installations.

They bring this expertise to every project to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

In addition to working with new construction, Allen Plumbing also provides commercial grease trap installation for business kitchen renovations. We can work with your contractors to perform the installation at the specified time, handling the installation as part of other plumbing work or separately.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Grease traps for commercial kitchens must regularly be cleaned since they’ll hold a large amount of grease over a period of time.

Our technicians handle commercial grease trap cleaning for a variety of businesses in the Indianapolis area and we’re happy to take on any new client.

Different types of grease traps require different cleaning procedures, so it’s important to work with a professional who is familiar with every brand of grease trap on the market.

In addition to regularly cleaning the trap, we can also come to your location and do maintenance or repair work on a malfunctioning commercial grease trap.

Often small problems can be fixed, eliminating the need to replace the grease trap often. We will ensure you meet all the codes to avoid potential citations which cost time and money.

Allen Plumbing is Indianapolis’s resource for commercial and residential plumbing needs, including grease trap installation and maintenance, drain cleaning, sump pumps, and basic plumbing troubleshooting, installation, and repair. Contact us today for more information.