Any business with restrooms knows that reliable, durable commercial faucets are important in providing great service to customers. To remain compliant with health regulations and recommendations, businesses should at least have hot water available to employees and customers in restroom areas. Some food establishments also include sinks in kitchen areas to encourage employees to always wash their hands before handling food.

drain problemsWhen a commercial sink faucet is in an area that sees high traffic volume, high-grade commercial faucets are required. Allen Plumbing handles the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial sink faucets, including in restaurants, retail outlets, and office complexes. Whether your business is remodeling, equipping a new location, or supporting commercial faucets in an existing location, Allen Plumbing are the professionals to help.

Commercial Bathroom Faucets

Today’s commercial bathroom faucet goes beyond a simple design. Businesses often want commercial faucets with the latest hands-free infrared technology. Allen Plumbing can install top-quality commercial faucets, as well as repair and maintain many of the popular brands on the market today.

Leaks are a common problem in commercial faucets and in public restrooms, they can be particularly troublesome. Over time, leaks can create mold and begin to damage the floor beneath, leading to long-term costly repairs. Often the problem can be remedied with just one visit from a commercial bathroom faucet repair technician, getting your business restroom back to normal quickly.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Restaurant kitchens have their own unique needs, with a variety of options including splash mount or wall mount faucets. Hands-free faucets can also be installed in kitchens for extra convenience and sanitation. We work with a variety of restaurants to install, maintain, and repair commercial kitchen faucets that meet their unique needs.

When kitchen commercial faucets require repair, it can cause serious issues, especially if those faucets are used for dishwashing. Allen Plumbing realizes the urgency of repairing commercial faucets for our restaurant clients and works to provide fast, friendly service when commercial faucets are in need of repair. We arrive at the location with all of the commercial faucet parts necessary to conduct the repair in just one visit.

Commercial faucets are an important part of any business’s daily operations. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial faucets for businesses throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Whether a faucet is leaking or a business is completely remodeling its restrooms, we have the expertise necessary to tackle the job.

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