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allen-plumbingBusinesses rely on commercial plumbing services to make sure their offices and retail spaces are fully operational. Commercial plumbing has a unique set of requirements, however, with plumbers working to specialize in the different types of plumbing that are installed in Indianapolis’s many commercial buildings.

The commercial plumbers at Allen Plumbing Co., Inc. have a half a century of experience in the Indianapolis area. During that time, we’ve established ourselves as a valuable part of the community, working directly with some of the most popular businesses in the area. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating demonstrates the stellar reputation we’ve earned over the years. We are regularly recommended by our customers and we’ve never received a Better Business Bureau complaint.

Cleaning and Repair

Commercial plumbing companies are expected to minimize downtime with fast emergency services. When a business has a commercial plumbing problem, one call is expected to repair the problem quickly, whether the issue involves replacing a part or simply unclogging a pipe. Realizing the importance of minimal downtime, Allen Plumbing Co. always maintains a full inventory of parts for quick replacements when necessary.

In some instances, our skilled commercial plumbing contractors can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs later. As we see areas where improvements can be made, we’ll notify a business of these improvements and provide an estimate. We believe that by keeping our commercial plumbing customers as informed as possible, we’re able to help businesses make decisions that work within their own budgets.


In addition to helping existing businesses, Allen Plumbing Co. also regularly works on new installations and remodels, where commercial plumbing services are required to make extensive changes. Our technicians have consulted on multiple construction projects, giving us the experience necessary to effortlessly save businesses money on utilities.

Once a new installation or remodeling project is complete, our commercial plumbers provide support for the installed plumbing for many years. Having firsthand knowledge of a commercial building’s plumbing system, we’re well-prepared to consult on any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades that need to be done. We provide a comprehensive estimate to help businesses decide what changes to make.

When Indianapolis businesses are looking for skilled commercial plumbing services, Allen Plumbing Co. is a service provider of choice. Our fast, friendly customer service and decades of knowledge will ensure your business understands its options and has the information necessary to make the best decision for your commercial plumbing.

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