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Having Issues With Your Outdoor Plumbing Systems?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 12th, 2017

During the winter it’s common to nestle into our warm homes and focus on indoor fixtures like faucets, toilets, and showers because indoor plumbing systems are used daily. However, outdoor pipes and water pumps are exposed to harsh winter elements, creating an opportunity for exposed pipes to crack and burst, which can lead to flooding. They need to be monitored to avoid expensive repairs. Where should you start?

Check outdoor piping systems

Pool: Plumbing systems in pools are complex. It’s a good idea to learn about water flow and the location of each pipe above the ground to aid inspections. If pipes are cracked or leaking, you can then access the pipes quickly and repair the system before any further damage take place.

Fountains: Lawns with fountains create a beautiful ambiance. Naturally, you want to enjoy the effects your fountain creates, like water spouting or cascading, especially since it can block noise pollution. If your fountain’s pump is clogged with debris or water levels reduce, it won’t function properly and your quiet paradise can be disrupted. To keep your fountain flowing, simply check the filter screens on the bottom of the pump and remove any debris.

Downspouts: This spring, don’t overlook the piping system connected along the side of your home. Downspouts protect your roof from water retention and carry water away from your home’s foundation. By removing debris and buildup from your gutters, you’re also preventing downspouts from clogging. If water doesn’t drain away from the home, erosion and flooding can damage existing landscaping.

Yard Ponds: The pond pump is essential to the function of your yard pond. Sludge and filter cleaners can effectively reduce sludge, waste, and excess nutrients that can clog pumps.

Make sure your pump isn’t damaged by sludge from the pond’s floor, kinked or bent to prevent water circulation. Check the pump to verify the water is circulating evenly. This will lower the odds of having stagnant water, which is bad for fish, and it increases algae. Make sure all valves and tubing is installed and adjusted properly. This way, it’s more convenient for the occasional spring check-up.

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