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Garbage Disposal Repair for Homeowners

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A residential garbage disposal is a convenient tool that many of us rely on daily. But should it jam or experience other difficulties that require garbage disposal repair services, you’ll want these completed quickly. Malfunctioning disposals can cause problems due to standing water, leaking, unpleasant odors and more.

While expert maintenanceis always recommended, some malfunctions can be easily fixed at home. To help you determine whether our services are needed, here are some common issues you may fix and how you can troubleshoot your garbage disposal at home.

Garbage Disposal Not Working

If your garbage disposal doesn’t do anything when you turn it on, this doesn’t necessarily mean it requires major repairs or needs replaced. Check the underside of your disposal for a round (often red) button. Engage this reset button or unplug the disposal and then plug it back in. This will sometimes solve minor issues or a non-responsive disposal.

Garbage Disposal is Jammed

Does your garbage disposal hum? If you can hear the motor start but nothing moves, your garbage disposal is jammed. You’ll need to use an Allen wrench to rotate the impellers by turning a hex-shaped slot on the bottom of your garbage disposal. If your disposal doesn’t have this slot, use a broomstick to turn the impellers manually within the disposal. Remember: NEVER put your hands in the garbage disposal. If food or debris has clogged the disposal, use pliers to remove it and avoid risking severe injuries.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Drain

This is rarely an issue with your disposal itself. Rather, it is a plumbing issue. If you’re handy you can disconnect the pipe running from the disposal and remove clogs with an augur. Remember not to put coffee grounds, fibrous food remains, or drain cleaners through your disposal. These can harm the blades or motor.

Garbage Disposal Stinks

If your garbage disposal is giving off a foul odor, don’t reach for the bleach or drain cleaners. To remove gunk, put four or five ice cubes into the disposal along with a handful of rock salt. Run the disposal for a few seconds and it should be much cleaner. If an odor persists, run hot water into the disposal while you run quarter slices of lemon through it.

For larger garbage disposal repair tasks, it’s worth consulting the experts at Allen Plumbing. Contact us for assistance with your repair needs.

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